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  • Fit Kids™ at Nation’s Football Classic September 10, 2011

    nfcFit Kids™ was at RFK Stadium for the Nation’s Football Classic with FUN-ZONE Stations, Stage activities, WAT-AAH! Zumbatomic and More. Fit Kids was honored that the Surgeon General, Dr. Benjamin, was our guest speaker for Let’s Move!

    WAT-AAH! functional water for kids provided children with water for hydration during the event and fun activities that kept the kids active and moving! 

    This event was part of the Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy & Fit Nation



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  • Dancing, Tumbling and Zumba-ing at the Living Well Expo June 19, 2011

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    If you’ve dreamed of dancing the Macarena with Redskins cheerleaders, taking an outdoor Zumba class or learning a cartwheel from a state gymnastics champion, Friday evening and Saturday would have been your chance at the second annual Living Well Expo.

    Part of the Taste of Reston event at the Reston Town Center, the Living Well Expo encouraged attendees to eat healthy and be fit with more than 30 vendors, including Honest Tea, Loebig Chiropractic and Rehab and Fitness First Health Clubs. There were also nine demonstrations on two stages, all taking place in the Presidents Park area, overlooking the amusement rides of the carnival.

    Friday evening, the Fit Kids Let’s Move dance team, along with four Redskins cheerleaders, led the crowd in the Cha-Cha, the Macarena and Cotton-Eye Joe. Even early evening raindrops did not dampen the dance party.

    Saturday afternoon brought a lawn-full of people moving to Latin and world-beat music at the Zumba demonstration.

    Rachel Muskopf, a licensed Zumba instructor, explained the Zumba tagline: “Join the Party, Ditch the Workout.” “Zumba incorporates a broad array of dance styles,” said Muskopf, who uses a variety of African, Latin and international music in her classes. “With Zumba, you’re supposed to feel the music; people have fun.”

    Across the lawn, at the second stage, students from the Northern Virginia Gymnastics Academy demonstrated their gymnastics moves for the crowd. Head coaches and founders Mike and Faith Comini have run the academy for the last 25 years and spotted their students down the mat as they performed front walkovers and round-off, double-back handsprings.

    “Coach Faith has always been there for me,” said Brittany Bishop, an academy student for the last seven years. Her teammate, Katie Hassler, agreed, “It’s a really friendly environment; it’s a fun place to be.”

    Also taking the stages during the event were children’s musical group Rocknoceros; a “Body Combat and Pump” class; and an appearance by celebrity personal trainer Joel Harper.

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  • Living Well Expo June 16, 2011

    WAT-AAH! Joins Fit Kids With The Washington Redskin Cheerleaders at the 2011 Living Well Expo – June 16, 2011

    powerpantherFit Kids™ was at the Reston Town Center for the 2011 Living Well Expo on Friday June 17 and partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to get our kids moving! A concert was held by Rocknoceros and we Exercised with Radio Disney. Both joined in on the healthy fun to inspire everyone to LIVE WELL!

    WAT-AAH! functional water for kids and exclusive beverage partner for Beyonce’s Let’s Move! Flash Workout Event provided children with water for hydration during the event and fun activities to help keep the kids active and moving! WAT-AAH! and Fit Kids teach the children of Northern Virginia about healthy hydration, nutritious food consumption, and the significance of active lifestyles.

    The main event will include hundreds of kids partaking in Beyonce’s “Move Your Body” workout routine, led by the Washington Redskin Cheerleaders. This routine was created for Beyonce and Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Flash Workout event, which WAT-AAH! was named the exclusive beverage partner. WAT-AAH! will be supplied to hydrate all of the kids and families involved in this community movement.

    Visit for additional information.

    Download Printable Flyer (PDF).



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  • Let’s Move! Event March 21, 2011

    Let's Move! EventFit Kids™ partnered with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative and held an event which included FREE classes for kids in conjunction with the Claude Moore Recreation Center’s “Outdoor Sports-Indoors”, a large indoor event to help promote sports, wellness, exercise and outdoors activities.

    Families enjoyed demonstrations and viewed new products. The focus was on hiking, biking, skating, canoeing, kayaking and other healthy activities.






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  • Tackling Childhood Obesity March 20, 2011

    Tackling Childhood Obesity – Why this issue is such a problem and how a local group is trying to make a difference. Published by Michelle Fiscus in, March 18 2011.

    The weekend is just around the corner. This weekend also happens to mark the start of spring.

    The cold temperatures will give way to sunny days, perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, most of us will still sit in front of our laptops or televisions. It’s that behavior that children are adopting to the point of becoming a serious problem.

    It’s such a concern that First Lady Michelle Obama made it her work to get kids more physically active. In February 2010, she started the Let’s Move! Campaign. It aims to address the physical and emotional health of our children.

    That subject has permeated our society and resonated with the media for years. But, it’s more than just water cooler talk. Over the past three decades the childhood obesity rates have tripled. These children face a lifetime of problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and asthma.

    In addition to all the physical problems, kids suffer from social issues. We all know kids can be mean. And the stress of being made fun of for weight related issues, takes it toll very early. Psychologists say these kids develop low self esteem. That contributes to academic and social problems which continue into adulthood.

    How did we get in such a situation? Just 30 years ago, kids led lives that kept them at a healthy weight. Instead of walking to school, children are taking the bus or being chauffeured in cars. Many physical education and after school sports programs have fell victim to budget cuts. And not unlike the adult role models in their lives, kids are turning down time outside in order to spend more time in front of the TV, computer or a video game.

    Parents who turn to quick fix fast food meals are also contributing to the problem. With so few healthy meals being cooked at home, kids are eating many more calories than they actually need. And even if meals are not an issue, children eat more snacks today than ever.

    So when does a “chubby” child go from being a few pounds overweight to falling into the category of obese? The main tool used today is called the body mass index or BMI. It measures weight in relation to height. It’s not a perfect system. But, it can serve as a screening tool for health professionals.

    There are several categories for kids. It takes into consideration height and weight but also sex, age and the physical changes that occur during puberty. Your physician can explain where your child ranks and whether or not he/she is at a healthy weight.

    A local organization understands the need to get kids moving. The group is called Fit Kids™ and their goal is to provide a workout for the mind as well as the body. Their instructors are trained professionals who know how to get kids moving and enjoy working with children. The group is mostly in area preschools but they also have summer camps. The goal is always to get kids off the couch and participate in games or activities that promote movement.

    The group is having an event this weekend at the Claude Moore Recreation Center in Sterling from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. While the event is indoors, it will stress wellness and exercise in our community, as well as give kids ideas on sports and games they can play outside.

    It’s a great way to show kids physical activity can be fun and gives you a way to start a conversation with your child about the importance of diet and exercise on their health.

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