Children's National Hospital Foundation (December 2020)
Children's National Hospital Foundation (December 2020)
Dear Jen and the Fit Kids Team,
Thank you for your Truly unwavering support of the Race for Every Child! Though we missed seeing all of our participants on Freedom Plaza, as a team captain, you helped us keep that energy that makes this such a special annual celebration! And because of you, we were able to raise nearly $900,000 for the hospital.
Thank you!
Erica M. Baca
Children's National Hospital Foundation

Fit Kids Team had a great time this past weekend doing the Race for Every Child Virtual 5k from Virginia and Georgia. Even though we couldn't be together, we had a great time showing our support for Children's National Hospital. #raceforeverychild #FitKids

Children's National Hospital Foundation (December 2019)
Dear Cindy and Jen and the Fit Kids Team,
Congratulations on a race well run! It is my pleasure to thank you for your leadership as a 2019 Team Caption and Champion, enabling us to raise $1.49 million and cross the $8.8 million mark through our 2019 Race for Every Child.

Your dedication ensures that every child in our community, from every background and every walk of life, continues to receive exceptional and compassionate care. I am honored to have had the opportunity to partner together in support of our patients and families, especially as we enter our 150th birthday year. Together there is no limit to what we can accomplish over the next 150.

Our team captains are essential to our success. Your impact can be seen in our remarkable fundraising accomplishments as well as the smiling faces of the more than 7,700 participants. Thank you again for all you do to help our kids grow up stronger and we hope to see you at next year's race, as we celebrate Children's National 150th birthday!
Erica M. Baca
Children's National Hospital Foundation
Center Director (March 2019)

"We are SUPER happy with Ms Rebecca. She is amazing; great activities and has fantastic class management techniques. The children LOVE her and look forward to her classes."

Children's Hospital Foundation (December 2018)
Dear Cindy and Jen and the Fit Kids Team,
Congratulations on a race well run! It is my pleasure to thank you for your leadership as a 2018 Team Caption and Champion, enabling us to raise $1.4 million and cross the $7.2 million mark through our 2018 Race for Every Child. This will make a tremendous difference to help Children’s National advance care, expand access, and ensure that all children who walk through our doors will receive the patient- centered care our community has come to trust for nearly 150 years.
Thank you again, for all that you do to help our kids grow up stronger!
Sincerely, Children’s Hospital Foundation
Director of School (2018)

"It's been a great summer and Ms. Cadi was AMAZING! Our children loved her! Thank you and we look forward in more Fit kids days ahead."


Director of School (2018)
Hello All,
I just wanted to write a little blurb about Mr. Vincent. HE IS WONDERFUL! I am so happy that he has returned to our school for the summer. He is truly a wonderful asset to your team and the kids look forward to seeing him every week. (They even ask about him when he isn't here.) Thank you so much for sending us such a wonderful instructor.


Children's Hospital Foundation (November 2017)
Dear Cindy and Jen and the Fit Kids Team,

Thank you for all for helping to make this 2017 Race for Every Child such a success. We're so grateful for your partnership.

Looking forward to hopefully many more years to come!

Children's Hospital Foundation (December 2016)
Dear Jen and Fit Kids Team,
Thank you for your inspiring commitment to the Race for Every Child as a Team Captain and Champion. We are thrilled to share that, along with our wonderful community of supporters, we raised more than $1,277,297 (and counting!)
As a Team Captain, you played a key role in this success; team and personal fundraising accounted for nearly 60% of funds raised. We want you to know how much everyone at Children's National appreciates your hard work and dedication, from posting on social media to planning fundraising events, from sending emails to energizing your team on race day! And in addition to your responsibilities as a captain, you became a Champion, raising more than $1,000 in support of Children's National! Together, our Champions raised more than $303,102!
We are so very grateful for people like you who share our dedication to helping all children grow up stronger. On behalf of all who benefit, thank you, and we hope to see you at our next year's race in 2017!
Children's Hospital Foundation (November 2015)

Dear Jen and Fit Kids Team,

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for leading the way as a Race for Every Child Team Captain and Champion.

Team and personal fundraising dollars accounted for nearly 32% of the funds raised for Children's National, and thanks to you, we were able to surpass our fundraising goal and raise $1,282,659! From sending fundraising emails and posting on social media, to planning fundraising events and keeping your team focused on the kids, your hard work and dedication made this success possible.

We are so very thankful to have leaders in the community like you who care as much as we do about our most valuable resource- our children. We hope you will continue to be a true partner with us so we can improve the health of children in Washington and around the world. Thank you again!

Parent (October 2015)

My son is loving the Fit Kids Sports class! I'm so glad he has an opportunity to do something like this while at school!

Race Director ( November 2014)

"On behalf of Children's National Health System and the young patients we serve, we would like to thank Fit Kids for your generous support of the second annual Race for Every Child. Your participation helped us recruit more than 4,600 runners and walkers, and raise $1,090,893. We're thankful to have partners that care as much as we do about our most valuable resource- our children. "

Parent (August 2012) :

"We wanted to Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our son over the 3 years he has been in the Fit Kids™ program. He was very excited after each class to come home and tell us all about the fun he had. As he moves on to Kindergarten, you have helped us instill the habit of being fit and exercising. Thank you so much!"

Chief Ranger at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts (October 2013) :

"Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts wishes to thank Fit Kids for volunteering to perform at our Let’s Move with Music at Wolf Trap program.

Let’s Move! with Music at Wolf Trap is a free, annual event, held each September, as part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Outside initiative and National Publics Lands Day.

Your group’s participation helped present our theme of using music and dance to encourage children and their families to move and dance outdoors in a national park. We appreciate your willingness to donate your services to help us accomplish our mission."

Fit Kids™ Birthday Party Parent (May 2013) :

"My daughter came home saying the Fit Kids™ party was the best party ever and she wanted to do that for her party. In January. I told her if it's that warm on her birthday, we'd do it. I think my husband had just as much fun!"

Fit Kids™ Birthday Party Parent (May 2013) :

"Thank you for a great party! My kids had so much fun. They were so excited to tell us about tug-of-war and T-ball."

Parent (April 2013) :

"My grandson has really enjoyed your program. He always talks about what he did when he comes home from school. Thank you for the fun activities you have provided him the last two years."

Karen (June 2010) :

"Dear Fit Kids™,
I wanted to thank you very much for this wonderful activity you have brought into Horizon CDC day care each week. My son Hayden has just loved it! That is the one thing he talks about each and every week and always shows us all the new things he has learned. I think what you do with the children is so amazing and so very important for them these days. It seems too many are in front of the TV, computers & video games and not getting enough exercise that they need as well as all the knowledge about their bodies and how to keep healthy. Again, my sincere thanks for all that you have taught my son."

Administrative Manager Fauquier County Parks and Recreation (December 2009) :

"Dear Fit Kids™,
Welcome to the Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Department's Volunteer Program. This generous gesture demonstrates your thoughtfulness and interest in the area. Your offer to lend your group's skills, knowledge, new ideas and experiences will help the Department to better serve the needs of the community.
Again, thank you for volunteering your time in the this worthwhile endeavor."

Parent (2009) :

"Fit Kids,
My child is loving your class. When I pick him up on Wednesdays, that is all he talks about!!
Thank you so much!!"

Parent (August 2009) :

"One of my son's favorite things about school, is attending Fit Kids™ classes. Through the years he has taken Fit Kids™ Fitness, Gymnastics, and Soccer classes and loved them all. Ms. Cindy, Ms. Jen, and the Fit Kids™ staff really enjoy working with the kids and it shows. And it's not just the parents that appreciate Fit Kids™ and recommend them to others. The Fit Kids™ staff does such a great job that the children taking the classes usually convince their friends to sign up if they haven't already. Everyone wants to be a Fit Kid!"

Director of Schools (2007) :

"I have been working with the Fit Kids™ Program for eight years! This has been a great relationship between the school and Cindy. We run a series of sessions throughout the year with a variety of different activities. Fit Kids™ is a professional group of coaches that are great with the children and parents. They work hard to provide a number of different sports in a non-competitive environment, that the children will thrive in. Over the years, the Fit Kids™ program has become a big part of the children's lives! We are grateful to have a continuing partnership with Cindy and her staff!"

Parent (2007) "

"All three of my kids have participated in the Fit Kids™ programs. It is a fantastic program focused on team building, individual successes and kid's safety. We have used Fit Kids™ for many birthday parties (ranging from 5-9 years of age). My kids LOVE Fit Kids™!"

Director of School (2001) :

"You have always seemed like a friend rather than a contractor to our school and therefore I take the liberty of calling you Cindy rather than Ms. Anderson. The Pre-K thru elementary program you run for our school and your staff have set the highest of standards with your dedicated professionalism. Our staff has been very impressed with how well your programs for dance, tumbling, and soccer have been run for the four years you have been associated with us. Your staff's work habits, knowledge and communication skills are beyond reproach and are performed at the very highest level. A "can do" attitude and your organization's flexibility are most commendable. Thank you so much for making our program a better one. We look forward to using your services for a long time to come."

Manager of School (1998) :

"Thank you for the wonderful experiences you provided our children through your Fit Kids™ program. Each class that you visited said the children had a fabulous time and that the activities and equipment used was age-appropriate, exciting, and fun! One teacher, in particular, thoroughly enjoyed the activities because they went hand-in-hand with her current teaching topic of being "heart healthy." "The words I have heard over and over again from the children are "It was fun!"

(1998) :

"Thank you very much for your activities for the Children at the Easter Family Picnic. You were a big hit and we hope you will be able to join next year."

Director of Schools (1997) :

"Thank you for a wonderful program. Fit Kids™ truly made my Great Adventures Summer Camp a great success. You did a tremendous job of integrating our camp themes with an educational and exciting summer creative movement class. Each class was a treat to watch. The children were having a blast while learning life-long healthy habits. I look forward to working with you again next summer."