Aug 16 2012

Pat the Roc

This month, the Fit Kids™ DC Program brought Pat the Roc to Martha’s Table. Pat the Roc is considered the world’s best ball handler. As Cindy Anderson from Fit Kids DC commented, “he is great with the kids and has a fantastic teaching personality.” He emphasizes the importance of believing AIP: Anything Is Possible.

Pat the Roc showed of some of his skills and taught life lessons while playing games with the kids. He challenged one of the students to repeat his ball-handling skills, starting off easy and then taking the student by surprise on the third round with a very difficult pattern. The student watched in shock, but Pat the Roc told him the purpose of the activity was to see how he reacted. Pat said it would take a lot of practice to be able to learn the ball handling skills but that they could do it. He said “it is the same thing in life, you are going to have challenges and obstacles, but it is about how you react to the situation that matters.” He pointed out that reacting positively and being motivated can help you to achieve your goals.

They also played a group game, ‘You’ve Been Tricked’, and someone yelled out “let’s play again” as soon as they finished. One kid said his favorite part was “playing Pat the Roc one-on-one.”

Visit http://www.pattheroc.com/#/ to find out more about Pat the Roc, watch his videos, and read his blog.

The kids also got a lesson about healthy eating. Sydney Potter, the Fit Kids intern from George Mason University, taught the kids the inportance of eating whole grains vs. enriched.

Thank you to Fit Kids and Pat the Roc for the lessons you are teaching our kids and the smiles you brought!

Story and photos from Martha’s Table website.